At Mazette Media we are passionate by the digital power of social media and by the transcendent power of ART! We contribute to promote galleries and the work of talented artists. Figuring out how to showcase art works, how to connect with art fairs and collectors is not an easy task but can be more effective thanks to digital media.

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Norbert Waysberg artist website

Norbert Waysberg lives in New York City and masters the art of watercolor. He captures the structure and engineering of different parts of the city like bridges or cityscapes on large art works. The use of watercolor to represent heavy metallic buildings, the busy life of streets filled with cars and concrete is unique. He also paints portraits, nudes, dancers and other figurative art works.

NorbertWaysberg website contemporary online artspace

Charlelie Couture moved to New York City having already achieved a long and successful musical career as a singer in France. He is a multi-talented artist, a photographer, a sculptor and a painter, reinventing the city and creating symbolic inner portraits.The RE gallery NYC was an artspace located on 36th Street with a permanent exhibition of CharlElie's art works as well as a workshop for the artist. Now the artist moved to a new art studio and the collection is available online. gallery

Art345 social media

Art345 is an art space, art gallery and art studios for rent in East Harlem. Mazette Media consultant helped launch the concept and organize art events showcasing 15 contemporary artists: On+Of Paper, Strokes, From Color To Light.Artists featured: Arslan, Elizabeth Allison, Jaq Belcher, Paul Ching-Bor, Eric Forstmann, Eleanor Goldstein, Donna Haley, Mitsu Haraguchi, Susan Hope Fogel, Chizuru Morii Kaplan, Umberto Kamperveen, Michael Katz, Kathryn Keller-Larkins, Leza Lin, Bolek Ryzinski, Ekaterina Smirnova, Norbert Waysberg.



Art345 show - On+Of Paper
art345 NYC Harlem February show On+Of Paper

Art345 show - Strokes

Art345 show - From Color to Light