Digital Lanscape in 2016

Thanks to the data published by WeAreSocial and WebIndex we have a detailed overview of the digital landscape to date. This global report covers 232 countries!

Take a look at the active users by social platform which gives us an updated top 10 ranking (monthly users):

  1. FACEBOOK 1.5+ Bn
  2. Messaging (WHATSAPP, QQ, FB MESSENGER & WECHAT) 650-900 M
  3. QZONE 650+ M
  4. TUMBLR 550+ M
  5. INSTAGRAM 400 M
  6. TWITTER 300+ M
  7. BADU TIEBA 300 M
  8. Messaging/VoIP (SKYPE, VIVBER, LINE, SNAPCHAT & BBM) 100-300 M
  9. YY 120+ M
  10.  VKONTAKTE 100 M
    LINKEDIN 100 M

At Mazette Media we believed in this relentless growth of Facebook, which is now active in every country,  and also the power of visual platforms like Tumblr/Instagram as well as microblogging Twitter.

Pinterest is slower to grow although the platform has a high stickiness with its members and potentially high conversions into sales.

LinkedIn is steady as a B2B platform and in spite of gathering “only” 100 million active users, the platform’s revenues are higher than others. Do you know that our consultant, Geraldine Trippitelli, has been a member since 2004 when the network had just 100k members?! Check her profile:

Regionally, America – Europe – East Asia have the strongest social media usage, the highest is in the USA where close to 2 out of 3 Americans are active:


Penetration can be even higher than in the USA… namely in South Korea – UAE in Middle East – Hong Kong:


Finally the highest penetration of e-commerce shoppers is located in UK – Germany – South Korea followed by USA -France – UAE – Australia – Canada – Spain.


There has never been so many opportunities to develop your business thanks to digital and social! The full report is available on SlideShare with many more details by country:

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