How I moderated a successful panel at CurvExpo

Conference panel moderator at Curvexpo Our Mazette Media consultant moderated a conference panel on Social Media Business at CurvExpo New York at the Jarvitt Convention Center. The panelists were brick and mortar retailers and online boutiques specialized in lingerie.

It was a great opportunity for these business owners and the audience to share best practices in social media. What works to capture the attention of their specific target, raise awareness and drive traffic to their store.

  • Why small businesses are on social media? How is the impact on their business? How do they quantify the value?
  • Which platform works best and for which content and target? How often do they post? What is their strategy to grow their communities?
  • What are the biggest challenges for social media? How do they get organized to manage day to day? How do they manage negative comments and reactions?

They all benefit greatly from social media although they measure the impact mostly empirically. As for the daily management? It’s hard for a business to find the right balance between posting regularly on Facebook,  Instagram and other channels, creating a special coupon on Yelp and managing the store as well!

One panelist bought the business and kept the previous owner who was social media savvy as her guru and consultant for everything digital. The other shared the social media induced work load with his wife. A fashion blogger in the audience gave us additional insight on possible partnerships especially on niche markets that could help get new followers.

You’ve just been asked to be a moderator? I recommend you to research videos of other panels you like, prepare the questions and contact the participants ahead for a quick run-through. During the panel, lead the discussion and let enough time so each one can answer and contribute. Finally draw a conclusion and open up the discussion so it continues on Twitter!

Thanks again to CurvExpo and the panelists!

CurExpo organizes trade shows in February and August in NYC and Las Vegas


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