Crafting the best digital content ever read

First, let me start with an advice: stop obsessing about posting content on your website and social media channels! Customers prefer a good answer to a question rather than mundane branded content.

That being said, think of your business and your authority in your industry. If you’re able to provide unbiased valuable information then TYPE NOW!

  1. In order to find relevant topics discuss with employees, review the top questions emanating from customer service and listen on social media. You can also organize brainstorming sessions. Keep all your great ideas in a file that will become your “content arsenal”.
  2. Beforehand you need to have your VOICE defined. Clear guidelines are useful to check if a piece of content support your brand’s pillars.Then select a topic and research the most updated data supporting your info. (I will write a blog post on how to become a pro Google searcher… Stay tuned!)
  3. Select a beautiful picture… because a picture is worth a thousand words. You can find images within your company, take pictures when you organize events, create an infographic or even ask your customers to submit their own images (User Generated Content).
  4. Be really selective because each image you post needs to represent your brand. So throw away this blurry picture! Curate relentlessly great images and content.
  5. Either post the image(s) with a caption and you’re done 🙂 or add a quote or write a whole blog post, article, white paper.
  6. When crafting content have in mind your brand voice and a list of keywords (use some in your writing not all!). Note that the best way to get great content is to have a professional copywriter work on it.
  7. Don’t forget to be AUTHENTIC and keep it FUN, EMOTIONAL, SURPRISING or EDUCATIVE. These are the assets of the most shareable content.
  8. Add the perfect title to get your reader’s attention.
  9. Add tags for SEO purpose and #hashtags mainly for Twitter and Instagram (blog post on Search Engine Optimization to come).
  10.  Link to your trustworthy sources and to your image(s) credit(s) if necessary (I love the free images from Unsplash).
  11.  Before posting, proofread and edit!
  12.  Good luck and try to stay true to your VALUE. According to a social media manager at Chobani – a great yoghurt brand – “shareable content elevates the conversation” so try to be part of a wider conversation to make an impact. Ask yourself #wagas would anyone give a shit? (from #SMWF Conference in New York)
  13.  Finally SHARE, SHARE, SHARE!

Read about viral content by Upworthy at #SMWF Conference


    • Hans, you can certainly use this cool picture. I chose an image free of copyright. Would be nice if you credit Unsplash.

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