Social media channels comparison

social media networks size audience 2014

Social Media Comparison Infographic 2014 by Leverage Design

When businesses  just want to be present on all social networks they fail. It is essential to understand the networks’  size to date and the different types of audience interacting on each before launching any initiative. Mazette Media can work with your business to build a strategy right for your brand and specific to your audience.


  • 20 million active users and growing fast – 83% female
  • Visual channel focused on discovery
  • Great for brands related to fashion, babies, food, home, health, crafts


  • 240 million active users and growing
  • Micro blogging channel for short news in 140 characters
  • Great for brands related to news, hi-tech, niches


  • 1 billion users worldwide
  • Social sharing channel
  • Great to advertise with precise targeting


  • 200 million active users
  • Visual channel with lovely filtered photos and short videos
  • Great for brands related to fashion, food, travel


  • 540 million users
  • Google channel supposedly impacting search
  • Not many active brands


  • 300 million users
  • Social networking channels focused on business
  • Great for hiring and B2B partnerships

YOUTUBE is missing on this otherwise great infographic designed by Leverage.

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